Mturk Suite is a an extension that brings together a large collection of useful tools to assist workers. A brief overview of these tools are below. It is currently available for Chrome. Firefox support coming soon.

Extension Popup

Accessed by clicking the MTS icon next to the url bar. Allows for quick access to parts of MTS and some toggleable features.


  • Displays the current version number
  • Clicking the gear icon takes you to the settings page
  • Access to the HIT Menu, HIT Finder and HIT Catcher (beta)
  • Toggle "Accept Next Checked" on or off
  • Toggle "Theme" on or off

Today's Projected Earnings

Displays the total value for all HITs that have been submitted for the current day.


  • Updates as you submit HITs
  • Progress bar
  • Adjustable goal
  • Clicking opens the HIT Menu


Shows the averaged Turkopticon ratings for a requester when you hover over the (TO) circle. The circle color is based on the averaged pay value.

Displayed on the following pages:

  • HITs Available To You
  • HITs Assigned To You
  • Previewing HITs
  • Status Detail

HIT Export

Exports the HIT in a formatted way for the export choice you choose.

Displayed on the following pages:

  • HITs Available To You
  • Previewing HITs

HIT Export type:

  • IRC: Copies the irc formatted export to your clipboard
  • Forum: Copies the forum formatted export to your clipboard
  • TH Direct: Directly exports the HIT to TurkerHub
  • MTC Direct: Directly exports the HIT to MturkCrowd


Adds a multitude of information to the dashboard.


  • Displays the changes for 12 different values
  • Displays the Approval and Rejected rates to the fourth digits after the decimal
  • Displays how many rejected HITs it will take to drop you below 99% and 95%
  • Displays what you new approval rating will be if all of your pending HITs approve or reject

Context Menus

  • Right clicking inside an input field gives the option to paste your Worker ID
  • Right clicking highlighted text gives the option to search for it on Mturk

HIT Capsules

  • Requester name turned into a search link
  • The HIT's Auto approval time is displayed


  • Displays total value of HITs on queue pages